Your peace of Mind.

Did you know that Construction is officially the highest risk industry in the country?

Your construction project may be simple and straightforward or complicated and complex. Either way, you need credible and reliable builders and it is so important that they have the right cover in place at all times.

In short, construction is a potentially dangerous profession, so we need to protect you and our team, not just physically, but legally and financially too.

At Kingham Construction, we take our responsibilities very seriously and the high-risk aspects of it.
We’re dedicated to making sure that we have the right insurances in play to cover any unforeseen and unfortunate eventuality that can happen to the best of us.

We do this for your peace of mind and safety in all dealings you may have with us.

To this end, have the following cover in place at all times, please feel free to request a current copy of our policy showing all you need to know.

Employers liability

If you employ and pay staff, whether directly or to sub-contractors, who don’t have their own insurance, you need to have employer’s liability in place.

Employers Liability Insurance covers any staff or sub-contractors we maybe using. Did you know, if we pay wages directly to sub-contractors, they’re legally your employees if that equates to over 20% if their income.

Therefore, it’s our responsibility to make sure we have cover in place for them in case they get injured or develop work-related health issues.

Employers Liability insurance cover we hold:
• £10 million.

Public Liability

We need to have policies such as Public Liability Insurance in place too, in case an employee’s actions injure a member of the public.

Public & Products Liability insurance cover we hold:
• £5 million, including damage to property being worked on.

Additional to this we also hold the following cover:
• Financial Loss: £100,000.
• Professional Indemnity: £100,000.

Health and Safety

It’s also important that we follow the Health & Safety guidelines designed keep our staff safe at all times too.
Failing to do so could impact any insurance claim we make – or that could be made against us.

Without a valid insurance policy in place, the cost of a claim against you could bankrupt our business and destroy our livelihood.

It’s our job to make sure we avoid that happening.